What Is DanteHQ?

DanteHQ is a data platform that provides fundamental metrics and indicators on how crypto projects, chains, and ecosystems perform. DanteHQ lets you download this data via API calls and visualize it with simple, interactive reports.

Our data empowers your team to perform fundamental analysis, build valuation models, and identify new investing strategies on crypto assets.


Introduction to the Data Model

DanteHQ's data has two key differentiations:

  • First, we provide fundamental data, which are metrics and indicators aimed to reflect the intrinsic health and traction of a crypto project. Examples include revenue, transaction volume, daily active users, etc. With this data, investors will be able to perform fundamental analysis on their crypto investments and form a more in-depth understanding of crypto.
  • Second, DanteHQ focuses on dapp-level (L3-level) metrics. Our aim is to provide clean, accurate, ready-to-use metrics, and to enable apple-to-apple comparison between different crypto projects.

Data Coverage

Currently, investors can access metrics for the major DeFi projects on the Solana and Arbitrum networks (e.g. Orca, Serum, Raydium, and others) together with metrics for Solana and Arbitrum themselves. We are currently working to expand our coverage to more crypto projects and more L1 chains, and will update our documentation accordingly.

Our metrics cover the entire history of the Solana network. We update most of our metrics daily at the moment, but have plans to improve both the update frequency and the granularity.

What’s Next
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